Promenade plantée Coulée verte René-Dumont

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69 Rue de Lyon, 75012 Paris, France

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Why take the metro to go from the Gare de Lyon to the Porte de Dorée? Nothing like a ride on the green flow René Dumont (old railway line) which crosses the 12th arrondissement to reach the Hotel! The trip is about 3 km. From the train station access the green flow at the corner of Blvd Diderot and Avenue Daumesnil, then continue to Rue de Reuilly where you will leave the casting to reach the place Felix Eboué and finish your journey on the avenue Daumesnil. I have not tested yet, but at the street of Reuilly, you have the opportunity to continue on the green flow to the level of the Square Charles Péguy by borrowing part of the small belt redeveloped (still an old way a railway). Small belt that can even bring you to the Avenue Daumesnil, almost at the foot of the Hotel when the work will be completed! R.M. 2019-04-01T13:10:33+02:00
Just beautiful A.G. 2018-10-19T18:46:39+02:00