What We’re Doing to Help The Environment

All rooms are non-smoking

Ecological solutions for energy savings.

Reversible air conditioning / heating

This technology offers a 75% electricity savings as compared with standard heating, and is equally effective. In addition, a single system can operate both functions.

Air conditioning and heating control

The temperature is adjusted in unoccupied rooms, combined with our use of energy-efficient insulation.

Electricity / lighting

Use of energy-efficient bulbs. Lights are automatically turned off when not in use. These two actions significantly reduce the amount of energy we use without sacrificing quality of life.


We don't believe that newspapers should be delivered to every hotel guest, since it's a waste of paper and resources. We prefer to make newspapers available at the reception desk for guests who wish to read them.


Newspapers can also be consulted online. The hotel has free wifi access. Also, our public computers switch automatically to stand by mode.


All the TV's in the rooms are being changed to more ecological ones. These TV's are all switched off when the room is not occupied. We also ask our clients not to leave the TV's on Stand By mode when away from the room.

Environmentally friendly housekeeping:

Hotel de la Porte Doree uses a inovative system by Tersano. With this product we produce ozone infused water to clean all rooms and surfaces. This reduces our use of plastic that cleaning products come in, it reduces transport that they are delivered with and also elimanates the use of cleaning products in the hotel. Accordingly, we don't use artificially-scented products, aggressive carpet cleaners, chemical deodorizers, corrosive chemicals or allergenic products.

Use of Recycled products and eco-label products:

We use recycled paper, tissues and toilet paper. Our toilet brushes from the company BIOM are made with recycled and bio sourced plastic and they are more sturdy so they last longer. The plastic bottles in the rooms have been replaced with glass bottles to reduce our use of plastic.

Water conservation:

We have adopted ways to save water, such as dual-flush toilets and low-flow shower heads and faucets (30% reduction in water use)

Use / washing of the sheets:

This is a way to save the water and electricity used by washing sheets daily. Sheets are currently changed every three days for a single guest. However, guests who wish to be more involved in our environmental program can request less frequent washing.

Use / washing of towels:

This is a way to save the water and electricity used by washing towels daily. Our guests become involved in our effort by choosing to have their towels washed less frequently.

Regular maintenance:

Replacement of worn-out items (bulbs, washers and seals, toilets, shower heads, mixing valves, etc.) and broken appliances (refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, computers, dishwashers) with more energy efficient and environmentally-friendly equipment.

Recycling bins:

We sort our waste and have different colour trash containers for each category: glass, paper, plastic and organic waste.

Bamboo towels:

Bamboo towels are 5 times more energy efficient and extremely soft!



A fair-trade breakfast:

The hotel serves an organic breakfast, made with mostly fair-trade ingredients.

Hotel de la Porte Doree and the enviroment