What you can do to help the environment

All of the actions are generally easy and help to save our planet's resources. Here are a few environmentally-friendly tips:

Energy conservation

Energy conservation
Please be careful when using chargers for telephones, cameras, computers etc. Chargers that are not in use, but are left plugged in, consume large amounts of electricity and can cause fires. Please turn down your heating if you sleep with the windows open, or if you leave them open while you are out. Avoid leaving your television or computer in stand-by mode. Did you know that 90% of the energy used by this type of equipment is consumed in stand-by mode? Always turn off the lights when you leave your room or the bathroom.


Sort your waste and dispose it in the appropriate bin. Plastic bottles, cans, paper, cardboard etc. They all go in the same bin.


Just leave your glass bottles (wine, beer, etc.) next to your bin. Our housekeeping staff will collect them for recycling. Used batteries - A bowl for collecting used batteries is at the reception desk. Other waste - greasy paper, food waste, cotton swabs, plastic packaging, etc. Use of recycled paper, the back of paper, tissues made from recycled paper, etc.


Paris has developped the Velib project : take a bike in any Velib station and then put it back on another Velib station. It's easy and cheap! (1€ for a Velib ticket valid 24h) It's also a good way to discover Paris! www.velib.fr

Let's walk!

Paris is relatively small in comparison to other major capitals. A lot of ground can be covered, making it a great way to sightsee!

Public transport is well-developed

Metro, Bus, Noctambus, RER (train), Trams, taxis... there is always some means of transport.www.ratp.fr

Purchase organic/environmentally-friendly products

Look for the eco-labels! (see below) A label created by French pioneers in organic agriculture. Today the organic agriculture label (Logo AB) is recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture, setting forth precise specifications that establish rules for certification, such as non-use of chemical products.

Water conservation

Choose showers over baths, which save 5 times more water: an average shower takes 50L of water, compared with 250L for a bath. Don't keep the water running while you brush your teeth, shave or extensively wash your face and hands. By taking these actions, you can save 24 litres of water each day! Towels don't require daily washing. Please consider taking part in this program by asking us not to change your towels every day.

Established in 1991, the NF-Environment brand is the French eco-label. The NF-Environment brand aims to guide consumer choice by encouraging companies to improve the environmentally-friendly quality of their products. The NF-Environment brand certifies products that have a lower impact on the environment.

From organic crops to the end product, all components of the textile chain address social and environmental standards. All of these products are validated by independent organisations. The BioRe® label was established by the Swiss company Remei AG.

All products bearing the "Fleur" have been approved by independent bodies for their compliance with strict environmental criteria and rigorous performance standards. These criteria take into account the entire product life cycle, from production to disposal.

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