Brasserie Les Cascades

4.8 20 Reviews

2 Place Edouard Renard, 75012 Paris, France

+33 1 43 07 61 11

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Very friendly welcome A.C. 2020-01-16T12:26:49+01:00
Very friendly not too pricey great to sit and watch hustle and bustle B.A.M. 2019-06-09T19:12:57+02:00
Fabulous! E.F. 2019-06-02T00:34:07+02:00
Polite, good food. G.K. 2019-05-04T12:22:46+02:00
Good value for money A.F.R. 2019-02-25T12:25:44+01:00
Brewery simple but good and not very expensive. Nice service. M.L. 2019-01-06T11:05:47+01:00
Cheap M.Z. 2018-12-24T21:08:31+01:00
Good food, good service, good ambience B.R. 2018-10-23T12:50:19+02:00
Fast and friendly service. Very affordable prices C.N. 2018-05-09T11:17:51+02:00
Convenient location, friendly staff K.H. 2018-03-13T16:01:16+01:00
well priced good service excellent food U.&.L.C. 2018-03-06T14:10:10+01:00
Very helpful considering menu was in French. Good range of food and we're very patient with us. Not as attentive as we would've liked though J.F. 2017-06-28T16:13:08+02:00
Air Conditioned inside, convenient to Hotel, price was reasonable, food was good and service was very good. Comfortable interior and environment for casual eating and good selection of beverages (wine and beer). S.P. 2017-06-26T22:11:31+02:00
very welcome, friendly staff, good service, we enjoyed our dishes, just under the apple pie but this is a detail C.A. 2017-03-09T15:05:36+01:00
Great quality for the price T.L. 2017-02-05T15:41:36+01:00