The Garde Républicaine near the hotel!

Hôtel de la porte dorée residents have had the chance to watch the garde républicaine parade through the avenue Daumesnil ! It was probably heading towards the Bois de Vincennes where it operates sometimes for security missions.
Watch the video!

Garde Republicaine VIDEO

The Garde Republicaine is the biggest horse formation in the world and the last horse unit of the French army.
It possesses 462 horses (gelding or mare), among which more than 90% is French breed. The horses are arranged by their robe according to a strict formation layout.

It’s main mission is to ensure the security of the high authorities (president, prime minister, ministries, Senat and the National assembly) The “Garde républicaine” has other missions such as keeping order in the woods surrounding Paris (like the Bois de Vincennes) or during big events. Occasionally they patrol in the streets of Paris.

Hôtel de la porte dorée in Babiekins magazine

The hotel has appeared in the British magazine Babiekins, that translates the style, comfort, and sophistication of must-haves for real kids all around the globe. They feature a range of fashionable designs and designers, amazing party ideas, an array of fun “Do it yourself” projects, as well as real issues concerning children. had the opportunity to contribute to the latest Babiekins Magazine, which just came out. They’ve created a mini guide to the wonders of Paris for families and children.
The hotel de la porte dorée stands up in good place for being one of the places in Paris where your children will be the guests!

Hotel de la Porte Dorée Paris hosts private photo exhibition!

Friday the 27th of May, a private inauguration was held at the hotel de la porte dorée!

“La France, le temps d’un week-end”, a photo exhibition, was presented in the presence of the photographer, Sam ABOUHAIDAR, and numerous guests, including children from all ages!

For the occasion, the Hôtel de la porte dorée was transformed into a nice gallery!

The pictures are now showed in the breakfast room and reception.

Hôtel guest will be able to take a little “trip” around France, for the next 2 months!

Have a glimpse of the event, follow the link for pictures!

Photo Exhibition at the hôtel!

Hotel de la Porte Dorée Paris will welcome until the end of July, a truly unique picture exhibition !

“La France, le temps d’un week-end”, literally “France, just for the week-end”

After having travelled around the world, worked on both sizes of the Atlantic, lived in the United States, and in Lebanon, it’s in France, that the photographer, Sam Abouhaidar, chose to settle and let him his camera speak for him!

Through his pictures, you will be wandering around France, discovering all the diversity of its landscapes.

Don’t miss a chance to get away from the city!

The exhibition is to be discovered at the hotel de la porte dorée. Entrance is free!

And, if you can’t resist taking a piece of France back home, it will always be possible!

World’s Greenest Building Going Up In Paris – Energy Plus

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worlds greenest building

The home of the Eiffel Tower is getting a new architectural innovation- and a green one at that. The Energy Plus office building, to be located outside of Paris, is designed to consume no electricity other than that which it creates itself. This zero-energy building, according to the designers, will be the greenest office building ever created.

The 70,000 square meter building is designed by architecture uberfirm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, who have also designed the Guandong Green Skyscraper and a proposed green skyscraper in San Francisco. The low-rise building will be located in the Gennevilliers area of Paris, near the Seine river. It is designed to house around 5,000 occupants.

How does this building achieve its goal? For starters, the building will be heavily insulated – enough to reduce its energy use to about 16 kilowatts per square meter, which is considerably lower than that of a standard building. Cold water from the Seine river will be pumped throughout the offices eliminating the need for a standard air conditioner unit. And to actively contribute to the highest standard of energy efficiency, designers have engineered the building to have the largest solar array in the world installed in the roof. It is this solar array which will provide all the energy needs of the building, as well as providing additional energy to be fed back into the grid.

Despite its energy payments over the long term, initial construction of the Energy Plus Building will not come cheap. The building is expected to cost anywhere from 25% to 30% more than standard office blocks. Still, if one considers the future savings and lower maintenance costs, the building might come out being one of the best investments that this developer has ever done.